“Whether mono- or multihulled vessels, the boats that ply Lake Neuchâtel are always a reflection of the spirit of their owners.
Some owners are high-performance fanatics, with their carbon fiber hulls, most often at the forefront of innovation in search of absolute records. Others support competition on equal terms, they do not exclude innovation but share it with others to form a genuine community of enthusiasts.

The Star boat plans are now more than a century old. Yet even today, it is particularly gratifying to see that our high-level competitors still believe human and sporting values ​​take precedence over pure performance.

The ingredients for the success of this wonderful series, despite a legitimate disappointment following its exclusion from the next Olympic games, include without a doubt the gentlemanly attitude of the men and women who have learned to master the Star.

The enthusiasm of members of the Star Sailors League (SSL), facing the wave of multihulls and multicolor vessels, sustains the class.

At the Sailing Club of Grandson, we often say the finest traditions are those practiced without always being aware of them. This also guarantees know-how built on ancestral gestures that we have managed to develop with the times, like wishes we constantly renew.

Dear competitors and eminent athletes from all over the world, it is our great pleasure to soon welcome you on our lake, to perpetuate a beautiful sailing tradition.

Our hearts and minds are full of great energy as we wait for this event to come; please accept our heartfelt thanks. ”

Claude Cassard, President of the Cercle de Voile de Grandson:

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